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Foreword (Emeline Jouve)
Introduction: Performing Gender, Sexual and Racial Dynamics on the US Stage (Xavier Lemoine, Claire Delahaye, and Christine Kiehl)

I. Crossing Gender, Race and Ethnicity

Lara Cox: “Black America in the Repertoire of Jean-Marie Serreau: Edward Albee, Adrienne Kennedy, and the Theatre of the Absurd’s Role in the Decolonization of the Stage”

Michel Büch: “Democratic Rhetorics and Anti-Black Realities in US Improv Comedy”

Sebnem Nazli Karali: “Postmemorial Dramaturgy of the Armenian Catastrosphe: The Armenian Question”

II – Intersectional and Erotic Queerings

Yannick M. Blec: “’Cause Not Enough Niggas Rap and Be Gay’: Redefining Black Queer Masculinities Through Intersectional Dynamics and Performativity in Contemporary Rap”

Charalampos Keivanidis: “’Six degrees of segregation’: les voix noires et gay des Pomo Afro Homos”

Antoine Alario: “La performance queer: une expérimentation

III – Interviews

Xavier Lemoine: “’I really prize rage’: 50 years of Queer American Theater with David Savran”

Xavier Lemoine: “’Arts for the queer community’: Creating Queer Theater for a New Generation with Adam Odsess-Rubin”

IV – A Queer Play

Lyam B. Gabel: the dance floor, the hospital room, and the kitchen table

V – RADAC Master’s Award Laureate

Gaïa Richard: Itinéraire d’un auteur vers une dramaturgie de circonstance : le théâtre politique pour jeune public d’Edward Bond (abstract du mémoire)

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